How Mindfulness Helps Your Heart

Leonardo da Vinci

Back in the old days “they” said there was a heart attack personality type. Though we don’t hear that too much anymore, we do hear how relieving stress helps to reduce heart disease. Perhaps a third of heart attacks are stress related. Since mindfulness practices are a good antidote to stress, they are an aid to heart health.

Our heart is our emotional intelligence center and holds keys to our spiritual connectedness, so we need to nurture it well. Because we tend to harbor our unresolved issues deep within our heart space, we need to do practices which help open it and soften it and release those hurts or sensitivities. 

Author and yoga practitioner Shiva Rea wrote a book titled “Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life” in which she states that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than any other organ in the body. In her book she presents more than 100 meditation techniques which support the heart.  

Improving your own heart health can be accomplished by making small, simple changes. 

To follow, are a few:

1. Laugh often
2. Listen to music that calms you and makes you happy
3. Meditate and do other mindfulness practices like yoga and chi or dance movement practices
4. Hug a lot
5. Lose weight, even a couple of pounds helps
6. Exercise just a little more (walking 2 minutes during each hour of sitting helps)
7. Smoke less
8. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber, less sugar
9. Imbibe less alcohol
10. Get enough sleep
11. Live in the moment
12. Spend time creatively to get into the flow
13. Practice gratitude daily

Small improvements in any of these areas which then become lifelong habits help immensely.


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