Advice From Meg Benedicte On Soul Work

This post features a 2 hour 19 minutes video featuring Meg Benedicte and titled “Ascension into the 5th Dimension” on the New Realities Youtube channel. There is a lot of good advice in here. Meg doesn’t hold back much and has a unique way of looking at things and describing things. That’s the value in hearing ideas from different teachers. From Meg, the way in which she describes the holographic universe and illusions is mind opening.

Meg talks about visualizing an infinity loop to remove or balance polarity and find the zero energy point in its center. This can be applied to healing a specific location, chakra work, grounding the feet, strengthening and expanding the aura, or in connecting healer with client. 

She talks about protection. Her routine is to ground herself every morning and evening and she visualizes a light orb around her. Command shields of light to protect yourself from cords. Have your chakras spin inward. If they spin outward you become an empath and you don’t want to do that. Refuse to dial into the field of an energy siphon.

Meg says stay away from the astral realms. We don’t know who we invite in if we open up, if we channel. She says conspiracy theories come from the astral realms. Instead, she relies on her higher self as her filter.

To expand, she explains a method to follow… visualize looking down upon yourself and spin your energy counterclockwise from right to left. 

As we progress on our journeys we want to get involved in the real world with love and compassion.

She said she always dreamt of houses and that meant she wasn’t in her body… or her soul wasn’t unified within her body. If we are made whole with our soul we will know our purpose here. Invite the soul in.

Get more light. Feel lighter. Connect to trees and nature.

Her website is and she schedules appointments and has written a book and has her own youtube channel, too.

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