Toltec Wisdom Explained and Summarized

This 47-minute video is full of Toltec wisdom, mentioning most aspects of Toltec shamanic training. It includes how we need to incorporate our bodies into our awareness, walking backwards as unlearning to undo rote memory living, why present awareness is so important for that same reason, that is, overcoming learned thinking, and, why the breath … Continue reading Toltec Wisdom Explained and Summarized

Magic • Miracles Told by Physicians • Manifesting Hint

In this post I will feature three recent talks that were exceptional and worth listening to. I have listened to quite a few interviews of Dean Radin and this one is by far the best! There are many nuggets contained within it. "How To Harness The Power Of “Magic” (Scientifically Proven) w/ Dean Radin PhD" … Continue reading Magic • Miracles Told by Physicians • Manifesting Hint