Ways To Dissolve Protective Heart Wall

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This writing covers a very important subject, one of the most important subjects for spiritual development. I credit Gabriel Gonsalves for this post’s advice from his youtube video here. Gabriel is my go-to person for work on the heart chakra.

Most all of us harbor childhood hurts and as we grew up we developed protective mechanisms from not feeling safe emotionally during our childhood. The trapped emotions that were not allowed to be felt have accumulated. Part of this process most likely included building a protective wall around the heart. This wall sometimes actually feels painful, and having it there impedes our spiritual progress, our ability to connect with other people, and our intuitive ability, too. Author Eckert Tolle refers to this as the pain body. It impacts many, many aspects of our lives and holds us back. And so it is important to be motivated to dissolve this heart wall barrier. 

That is the first step… having the desire to let it go and release it.

Gabriel Gonsalves recommends the book, “The Emotion Code”, by Dr. Bradley Nelson for further reading about the protective heart wall barrier. According to Dr. Nelson, “the heart is the emotional and spiritual core of our being and when this core is repeatedly attacked or injured, your subconscious mind will form a kind of ‘energy wall’ to protect your heart against further heartache, heartbreak or against further assault”. This wall can be experienced as a pressure or even pain around your heart.

What are the consequences of having a Heart Wall?

And most importantly, what can you start doing today to dissolve this energetic wall around your heart?

  • Singing and chanting. Bhakti yoga. Mantras.
  • Listening to music. Heartwave meditation technologies.  
  • Prayer. Surrender your heart wall to a higher power. 
  • Spend time in nature regularly for an electromagnetic energy benefit. Grounding such as going barefoot on the beach, or lying on grass are valuable practices.
  • Practice heart rhythm meditation technique, or the prayer of the heart which is taught at the Institute for Applied Meditation, similar to heart math coherence techniques. (youtube)
  • It is helpful to be in an amplified field such as one created by an open heart circle. This is a group of people who safely come together for the purpose of opening their hearts and connecting with each other. (See: Tej Steiner’s heart circle format.) People experience an accelerated shift. Being in the presence of other people who have an open heart can sometimes be the quickest way to open your own heart. 
  • Gonsalves recommends the book, “The Emotion Code” method (muscle testing with magnets by Dr. Nelson) and using magnets to dissolve the trapped emotions. 
  • Acupuncture

Dissolving this energy wall has many benefits. There are three layers of the heart: the superficial, the protective wall, and the deep heart. As more and more of the protective wall layers are released, we can feel and listen to our deep heart which opens doorways all around in our spiritual growth and awareness. Personally, I really like doing Gabriel Gonsalves weekly heart stream meditations (on his youtube channel) as this is ongoing important work. 

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