Sending Out Love is our Human Purpose (NDE story of Peter Pangore)

Peter Pangore is one of the most beloved near death experiencer’s. He’s wonderful to listen to and has been interviewed many times by many well known voices. His NDE is an amazing story that happened on a harrowing ice climbing adventure that went wrong. The interview below is one of very many found online so if you wish to hear more from him, search his name. He is a reverend today.

This particular talk by Peter Pangore, at an IANDS conference in 2018 about his near death experience, contains many valuable insights. His final conclusion is that what matters is basically equal to sending out or “giving” love while we exist here in human form. I like his view of the soul, as a bifurcating series of previous incarnations. It is so wonderful on the other side, Pangore doesn’t ever want to come back here, he says.

There is much worth listening to by a very articulate messenger, Peter Pangore:

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