Changing the World

high wire balance walking tipping point space needle

The Tipping Point 

as a child 
i dreamt of making a difference 
i perceived actions to be taken 
and people to be helped 
only later recognizing that 
changing the world 
is an internal experience 
when i change my heart 
and join with the oneness of humanity 
the effect plays out 
across the planet’s skin 
rippling into the lives of 
so many unknown, untold others 
in ways i can’t begin to fathom 
with miraculous outcomes unforeseen 
when i go within 
to find my clearest essence 
and choose to live from that pure space 
i broadcast my light like a beacon
in the dark sky illuminating 
and brightening far-off corners 
of the world effecting personal healing 
in diverse and unique ways known 
only to those who receive 
when i live in my sacred center 
my peace emanates 
and evokes a cascading stillness 
silently washing through mankind 
through my personal awareness
i have planted the seed
for a peaceful world 
and a miraculous synergy takes effect 
as i and you and we 
do the same an energetic root system 
connects us to one another 
tapped into mother earth
sustained on the life-support 
of our love and unity 
collectively we create wellsprings of peace 
within us until we reach 
that magical tipping point 

—Elise Fee

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