Aramaic Meditation Method

Dr. Rocco Errico, a speaker of the Aramaic language, explains that by going to the original language of Jesus time, we cut to the core of his teachings.

The first video, where he explains the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, includes a good explanation of what God is: God is life; God is in everything. 

Listening to the first video is a good preparation for the second video, which presents another method of meditation. In this next video, Dr. Rocco Errico explains how to pray (or meditate) beginning at 17 minutes into the video.

He cites the passage from Genesis where God breathed the breath of life into Adam as our guide for this meditation. If we visualize this, we breathe in God which takes us to a dimension beyond time and space. We should breathe in very slowly while expanding the belly, in a relaxed state. It is important to also breathe out just as slowly as you breathe in.  

This is a powerful meditation method. After learning it, you might add “I AM light, I AM love” as you breathe.

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