Recent Predictions Broadcast

Lately, there have been several interesting psychic forecasters interviewed or promoted by youtube channels that I follow. I have put them into this one post for those who are interested in predictions.

This first one is an interview by JeffMara Podcast titled “2023 Predictions With BRITAIN’S BEST Psychic Medium”.

My guest is Nicky Alan, renown psychic of 31 years. For eighteen years she was a police officer and trained Detective in Essex Police. Following medical retirement in 2003 and by public demand she has achieved a very high profile in the spiritual industry as a full time Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Angel Expert. She has been published in many magazines, carried out European theatre tours, made radio and television appearances and today she is here to give us her predictions for 2023 and talk about her new book The rise and fall of Britains Best Psychic medium.


This second is a talk by Hans Wilhelm titled “Alois Irlmaier Prophecies/Russian Invasion/World War 3”.

And the last one I’m featuring today is from the Youtube channel “The Other Side NDE”. The show is titled “Man Dies And Is Shown The Future; What He Saw Will Shock You (NDE)”.

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