Magic • Miracles Told by Physicians • Manifesting Hint

In this post I will feature three recent talks that were exceptional and worth listening to.

  1. I have listened to quite a few interviews of Dean Radin and this one is by far the best! There are many nuggets contained within it. “How To Harness The Power Of “Magic” (Scientifically Proven) w/ Dean Radin PhD” interviewed by Aubrey Marcus.

2. In this Coast to Coast interview, George Noory interviews Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, who is a practicing internist. Dr. Kolbaba interviewed close to 200 physicians who came forward with the most miraculous experiences of their careers involving near-death experiences, accounts of dreams foretelling future events, and other amazing incidents. He has published a book of these experiences and has a second book in the works.

To watch it here is the LINK.

3. From the tireless Brain Scott comes great advice for manifesting. His talk (below) is titled, “Reducing Importance to Manifest Your Dreams”.

When you add importance to anything you create excess potential and disrupt and stop the manifestation process. Why is it you always manifest stuff that you don’t seem to care about. its because you did not give it importance. The most important lesson that I ever learned about the dynamics of importance is the power of reducing importance to manifest. Everything in nature strives towards balance. Changes in air temperature are balanced by wind. Differences in temperature are compensated by thermal exchange. Wherever there is excess potential of any energy form, balanced forces emerge to correct the imbalance. We are so accustomed to such statements on the nature of things that we fail to ask ourselves why it must necessarily be so, or how exactly the law of balance works. Importance arises when something is attributed excess meaning. Importance represents excess potential in pure form. In the process of eliminating importance, balanced forces create problems for the person that created it. Want that girlfriend to call you so badly? Need that job desperately? You will never get those things until you learn to reduce importance.


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