Interview of Author Jean Daly, Hospice NDE RN

Robin healing miracle story

The life story of Jean Daly, a hospice nurse, is quite amazing. She has had remarkable experiences that can inspire and fill us all with awe and wonder… healing a robin with a broken neck and then being thanked by a large group of robins, being saved from a potentially dangerous multiple car accident injury by an angel, seeing Mother Mary on the wall of her bedroom at age 15… and many more… enjoy.

And, now, here’s from IANDS radio (a favorite site of mine):

Jean Daly, RN — NDEr, Empath, Healer

  Guest Jean Keegan Daly, RN, was an empath even before her STEs and NDE. A hospice nurse become a holistic health therapist, counselor, and educator, her training includes national certifications as a practitioner in Holistic Nursing, Imago Relationship Therapy, Reiki Healing Mastership, and the One Brain Stress Diffusion System. She is the author of “Reflections of a Seasoned Soul“.

[LINK to 1 hour interview]

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