How to Live – After a Near Death Experience – Graeme O’Connor

Be kind always illustration. near death experience advice.

In this post, I wish to feature a wonderful list of priorities on how to best live your life. This list comes from near death experiencer, Graeme O’Connor, and the source is Anthony Chene Productions. People come back from the other side with valuable insights that we can all learn from. This one really resonated, and thus this blog post.

The only part of Graeme O’Connor’s story that I am presenting here are his goals on how to live following his NDE, and you would do well to listen to his whole story, as well as all of the videos from Anthony Chene Productions.

These are the conclusions about how to best live one’s life from Graeme following his NDE (this segment of his interview begins at 25″):

  • Know the power of thoughts and intentions. What we sow is what we reap — so think positive thoughts and give out positive energy. The energy you give out does come back to you. 
  • Live in the now. 
  • Take life less seriously. 
  • Try to be nonjudgmental. Think about why people are the way they are from their upbringing and pasts to help you be nonjudgmental because everyone is doing the best they can. 
  • Our purpose is just to be kind. Instead of thinking you have to change your career to become a healer or something similar following an NDE, all you really have to do is to be kind. Maybe you’ve been told your work’s not done yet, and Graeme’s suggestion is that all you have to do is be kind everyday. If you smile to someone on the street, it can have a huge impact upon their day. 
  • Know that life is just a game and we are here to experience as many emotions as possible — both good and bad — so we can grow emotionally and our souls can grow. So take those risks to travel or change careers and do fun stuff because what’s the worst that can happen? Take chances just to enjoy this game of life while you can. 
  • Have gratitude. Be grateful for your health. 
  • Get into Nature. It’s a way to connect to that higher source level very quickly. It helps shut down our busy minds. Do a walking meditation. Listen to the birds and to the leaves in the trees. Connect to the beautiful source energy by spending time in Nature. 
  • He went from being an atheist before his NDE to becoming a very spiritual person. 
  • Now he gets great comfort from knowing he has a soul family and he believes in the power of prayer — because we have so much power in our thoughts. 
  • Disagreements/altercations with people disrupt our peace and are not worth it at all. 

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