Powerful Healing Meditation by Dispenza

glass orb next to white ceramic buddha

If you are interested in healing and you have not heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza, let this post introduce you to him. Dispenza is widely known for integrating heart coherence into healing meditations. He conducts in person retreats which are powerful due to the amplified resonance of the group in the room. His youtube channel [here] presents many stories by those who partook in his retreats and had “miraculous” healings… stage IV breast cancer, lymphoma, and so on. Now, during COVID, he is seeing that some are reporting healing by practicing remotely without taking his in-person retreat.

I have read Dispenza’s very popular book, “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon” and highly recommend it. He also was widely noted for his earlier book, “You are the Placebo. Making Your Mind matter”. 

One powerful guided meditation developed by and advocated by Dr. Dispenza as an integral part of his healing program is “Blessing of the energy Centers” which is a chakra walkthrough (and more). You can order it from his website here.

Below, is a version of it done by followers of his, Dexter and Alessandrina (1hour 43minutes):

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