A Wise Discussion About Evil

headless angel statue

I listen to a huge number of online talks and interviews each week. As I’ve stated here before, one of my favorite Youtube channels is New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove because of Mishlove’s encyclopedic knowledge of the vast field of consciousness and spirituality from his field of parapsychology. 

In this post I am featuring Mishlove’s interview with Paul Levy, the subject matter is evil, or that which appears to be a negative force from beyond. This subject continues to perplex me, fascinate me, and compel me to consider all aspects of the discussion since many people question how God could possibly be good if such bad things are allowed to happen to us. Personally, I suspect something larger is at play but perhaps that is because my low density mind is so very feeble. 

From the description on youtube (edited): 

Here Paul Levy share his four “ignoble blindnesses” he associates with the mind-virus that he labels Wetiko, based on indigenous North American legend. He points out that this insidious form of evil is understood, by different names, in every culture. It can be thought of as demonic, or Satanic. In Islam, it is associated with Iblis. The novelist/philosopher Colin WIlson called it “the mind-parasite.” Philip K. Dick referred to it as “the black iron prison.” Ironically, it is an indispensable tool pushing humanity toward wisdom and enlightenment.

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