Uri’s Prayer

Peace Dove Art.

Note that the following prayer is by Uri Geller who is world-famous for his psychic abilities. He has a profound faith, as evident by his words. I have made a recording of the prayer for those who wish to use it regularly as a meditation (and have also added it to my “Online Meditations” tab).


Dear God, 

Your steadfast love is my support and my reassurance. Gently enfolded in Your divine embrace, I am protected, strengthened, and healed.

What joy I find in knowing You, dear Friend, and what peace I gain in knowing I am never alone. You accept me as I am, and I am grateful for the freedom Your acceptance gives me. 

Wherever my journey takes me, I am safe and secure with You.

In the stillness of Your presence, I release all that concerns me.

I pause now to rest in this sacred awareness of Your presence, God, and let Your peace enfold me.

I leave my burdens behind as I walk with You, dear God. The road that stretches before me invites me to move beyond the next bend and explore the experiences ahead of me. I proceed with confidence, knowing that You are ever with me. Your infinite love and wisdom direct my footsteps along whatever path I choose.

You are with me to lift my spiritual view, to show me the way to my right path. At each fork in the road, I know that I will make the right decision, because you are there to guide me.

I rest a moment in the silence with You now, opening my mind and heart to the wisdom and inspiration that flow from Your love for me.

God, Your strength fortifies me along my journey. Every step I take moves me deeper into an awareness of divine perfection in mind and body. I live each day surrounded by Your warmth, energy, and love. Infused with Your life, I am whole, well, and strong.

As I breathe deeply and evenly, I feel Your life flowing through me as healing energy. Your breath becomes my own, and every fiber of my being is blessed by Your love within me. I am renewed.

In Your presence, God, I rest again, reassured by Your steadfast love and infinite life that create in me health and wholeness.

Renewed and refreshed, I continue along my path. Your love, dear God, lifts me above any mountain that appears before me. You open my eyes to the beauty and majesty of Your creation, and I know that Your goodness and bounty are mine.

Thank you, dear Friend, for providing for me on my journey through life. I embrace today, tomorrow, and the days to come, knowing that Your goodness prospers me. In this awareness, I rest once again in Your love and give thanks for Your blessings.

It is time now to end our meditative journey and bring our awareness back to this time and place. As we do, our sense of perfect peace and well-being remains in our hearts.

We are rested and confident that we have a Friend who walks with us and lives within us throughout our days.

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