FENG SHUI TIPS for Living a Life of Zen

minimalist interior feng shui room.

Let your living space reflect who you truly are. Let it reveal your beautiful positive energy inside. It is about enhancing the energy flow in your home to help keep your life fresh, avoiding stagnation. Emulating Feng shui principles can recharge the energetic space around you in your home life and make it lighter in mood.

  • Declutter – remove, rearrange, and energize.
  • Edit the countertops and have them mostly empty.
  • Use symmetry.
  • Use Neutral colors that calm and enhance mood but add some vibrant “pop” colors for stimulation – especially yellow, green, or blue.
  • Indoor fountains.
  • Salt Lamps.
  • Crystals.
  • Use earthy, artistic touches throughout.
  • Have ceiling to floor flow by hanging plants or artsy things.
  • Don’t have too much art on the walls.
  • Don’t hang art too high, it should be at eye level when sitting.
  • Use art depicting living things like flowers, grasses, trees, greenery.
  • Always have a blank wall in every room.
  • Move 27 things to re-energize your surroundings – Chinese proverb.
  • Include houseplants.
  • Welcome natural light.
  • Open windows for fresh air.
  • Hang a wind chime, Asian bell, or gong.
  • Fix or remove broken things.
  • Go barefoot.
  • Include an old world or ancient artifact.
  • Display a thought provoking book.
  • Fill a candlelit bath with flower petals and Dead Sea Salts.
  • Consider a way to incorporate a nice aroma.
  • Use natural materials.
  • Minimalize inclusion of technology.
  • Use artificial lighting that is natural in effect.
  • Furniture should be arranged so as to allow freedom of movement without obstruction or constraint.
  • Create a mood of happiness.
  • Have a dimly lit room with candles at times.
  • Your chair should have a view of the door.
  • Have a Buddha statue.
  • Burn sage to clear negative energies from space.
  • Play Tibetan chants or Gayatri Mantra or other sound therapy.
  • A glass orb adds wonder.
  • Clean glass windows.
  • Be welcoming to guests.
  • Relax, play, and give.
  • Be open and go with the flow.
  • Appreciate beauty.
  • Be grateful.

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