Melissa Denyce Describes The Other Side

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In this interview from IANDS radio by host Lee Whitting, the guest, Melissa Denyce, speaks about prebirth memories and many other classic examples of take aways from her spiritually transformative experience.

Following, are points Melissa made in this interview:

  • At age 19 she had an STE (spiritually transformative experience) offering her a love, light, and bliss experience.
  • She was born with powerful pre-birth memories as a child. 
  • She remembers choosing her red hair to be a reminder that she is here for unconditional love.
  • Excruciating ecstasy is how she describes her memories, as the source and satisfaction of all desire.These memories were over-ridden by her religious upbringing, as her father was a minister.
  • She had a flashback memory of God prompted by a Hebrew word. Then, in her 30’s she heard the NDE (near death experience) community explain their experiences which jogged her memories.
  • She remembers being in a dark healing place with an extremely strong feeling of peace along with the music of the spheres as soft, soothing voices which were directed towards her. She saw beings of light going about their business at a distance. And she saw “the Light”. The instant she saw the light all she could think about was to get to the light. The love, peace, and bliss she can best term “excruciating ecstasy”. It is all you could ever want. It was like a hurricane of light. This light is made entirely of love directed right at “you”. There is a longing to experience it again.
  • She remembers a nursery where souls were grown or born. Female beings of light, or angels, oversaw the growth of younger souls along with a feeling of comfort and peace. She wasn’t allowed to stay there forever. 
  • She remembers the garden of light where there existed Jesus and children. She often had this memory. 
  • She remembers being in a place made entirely of light. The light there was in waves, it didn’t travel in a straight line. The light is all connected, it flows from one thing to another as well around you. This light was inside you as if everything was made of joy. Jesus was the brightest because he was so filled with joy and He had a great sense of humor. 
  • She remembers “the other side” as being so close, as if layers of reality stacked on top of each other and are not separate. Our angels or guide beings aren’t really on the other side, they’re right here, like they’re holding us so we are completely safe. 
  • She remembers a contrast between being incarnated here and what it was like there. She wasn’t allowed to remember the reason she was born because it would complicate the reason she came here. She remembers coming here and feeling lost, trapped, unsafe, and constricted by being here as contrasted to over there where there is expansion, freedom, joy, and bliss. This bliss is so intense it would probably destroy our physical bodies. 
  • She started begging God to give her an experience that showed her what her past life memories were about, to feel that bliss again. She felt social awkwardness, and as a teenager, and suicidal.
  • Around age 18-19, she had a spiritually transformative experience, the one she’d been begging God for. She was in bed, and suddenly found herself in another dimension or reality — in an ocean of love. It was instant recognition of what she remembered from before. It was like waves of love were washing over her and through her body. It wiped away all of her worries and anguish. It was a force field of love, as if magnetic, just as she had remembered it. It was where she had been created; it was her eternal father and mother; it was so secure and safe, beyond words; like being held in the arms of the Universe, the source; it felt ridiculous to think you could ever be judged by this force. 
  • Then her consciousness expanded out of her room where she was looking down on the earth but she doesn’t know where she was because it wasn’t a visual experience, but pure consciousness with ultimate knowledge. She began asking questions and would get a huge download of information of all related subjects of how things related to the rest of the Universe and it was happening at the speed of light. She was getting so many downloads, and this expanded her consciousness. 
  • Time doesn’t work the same there. She felt she contained everything that exists while at the same time still being herself.
  • She saw the key to life and why everything had to be the way it is, and it was so simple but for some reason we can’t know this in our contracted state.
  • She wasn’t allowed to remember the downloaded knowledge she was given, except for two things: 1) Everything here is made of brilliant light (we and everything are perfection made of source and we’re held in the light and we’re part of God). She was told everything in our lives is proceeding exactly as it was meant to. The message was, “We are so proud of you and we love you unconditionally.” Everything always proceeds according to plan. This gave her a huge sense of peace and release. 2) She was also shown God’s cosmic master plan. She saw a beautiful multi-dimensional Mandela pattern made up of colors and shapes moving and shifting. (See previous post here with beautiful films about the fractal structure underlying our reality.) Things we perceive to be good or bad on our journey are all ultimately good and a current around the edge of the Mandela pattern is pulling everything back to love. (Those were the only things she was allowed to remember, the rest fell away.)
  • The music of the Universe was so beautiful. 
  • When she was back to her bed (after having out of body experience) the force field of love stayed with her and she felt a glow for a few more days and then that faded, too. 
  • Lee asked her how she would change the teachings of the church for children today. She said she’d make “Love God and love your neighbor” the foundation. She would teach people that they are divine incredible incarnations of love and that they are here to learn about love and express love and enjoy love, but that part of being here means to experience the opposite of that. Though we have limitations in our body, mind, and personality, that’s not who we really are. She would change the message of “sin” to a message that we’re here to learn how to grow through our experiences and this message needs to empower us, rather than shame us. Thus, humanity could discover what it is actually capable of.
  • Lee asked her why she thinks we’re here if we are part of the light, then why are we going through this painful place of separation. She replied that she is also struggling with this question. She was not able to bring this information back with her, but she thinks it’s all about love. And maybe some of us are here for different reasons, but ultimately we are here to contribute to the expansion of love itself. (This goes along with this NDE account by Sandi T which I have featured here previously.) God is eternally experiencing what God is. There is this tension where love (God) knows what God is and that is absolute perfection, but, it is constantly learning about itself and expanding and evolving. So, she would sum it up by, “We are contributing to the expansion of love, to the evolution of God himself.” She then quotes Christian Sundberg, who says that we are here to see how far removed we can get from love and are very brave souls and are on the cutting edge of creation and still can learn to connect to love, and in so doing we make love stronger. 
  • She said it is impossible to be eternally lost here. 
  • Lee asked her about reincarnation. She doesn’t think we reincarnate an indefinite number of times. She thinks there are other places we also experience and go to, but perhaps some souls choose to keep coming back here or do have karmic ties where they get stuck. Since we’re all part of one being, we are each other, and so it is beyond our ability to understand. She doesn’t think reincarnation is an entrapment that we need to fear.
  • She mentions the work of Joe Dispenza and says that if science took work like his seriously we could get much farther faster (because today’s science doesn’t look at work like that).
  • She thinks NDE’ers (Kimberly Clark Sharp‘s story helped her and inspire her) should share their stories so they can affect others and awaken in many people their surpassed memories.
  • She says the main message of NDE’ers is the message of love, that you change the world through small, simple acts of love and kindness. THAT IS THE MOST POWERFUL SINGLE THING WE CAN DO. She thinks if every person could love the person next to them we could solve the problems of the world overnight. 
  • She has her own Youtube channel on which she interviews NDE’ers. 

A big thankyou to host Lee Whitting and Melissa Denyce for sharing their time and knowledge with the rest of us to contribute to making our world a better place and to help awaken humanity. I am especially keying in to the question that I am seeking an answer to and that more and more interviewers are asking of their guests, “If we are part of Source and this source is love, then why are we here suffering and feeling separate?” I think as this interview answers that question, and my related links contained here, we are getting closer to answering that question. Many are dancing around the answer and pointing in a similar direction while answering it, though it is perplexing them and us all. 

Next, the interview: Melissa Denyce: Pre-Birth Memories of Heaven

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