Is Good Balanced by Evil?

There is a near death experience account on NDERF’s website by “Sandi T that is amazing. Everyone always questions why this Earth school is so difficult, why there seems to be evil, and many people express a disbelief in God because of the bad things that happen here. It is a question that never seems to get answered to great satisfaction. Along comes this NDE account which explains it!

First the account describes some absolutely beautiful scenes from planets across the Universe, and creatures which inhabit these planets and all of the love and harmony present everywhere (else).

It goes on…

“I understood that everything that we do here on Earth, all that we are, all that we experience, allows creation to exist. Every beautiful thing, every wonderful being and creature, whether on earth or in any universe, relies upon people who are on the extremely rare places like Earth. 

The Great Intelligence (god) is a paradox. It is completely loving and fully unlimited. Which by the definition of paradox, means it is impossible? It cannot be limited only to love; it cannot be limited to only being unlimited; or it is not unlimited. 

Earth is a place where the unlimited becomes limited; where the singular becomes many. Here, it can know community and loneliness. It can know heartache and hope. It can know all which an unlimited being of pure love cannot. It can conceive and perceive evil; which in truth it cannot do this either. To solve the paradox, it must experience helplessness and limitation and all as it is Real. In this place, it is all so REAL. 

So what is free will? Free will is the option to come here to help solve the paradox of ‘god’. To be all that we are not, so that everything wondrous and joyful may continue to exist. So that love itself may continue to exist. So that the Unlimited is not limited to being only unlimited. 

Why are the answers always, ‘simply to exist’ and ‘to choose love’ and ‘to learn how to love’? Because all you need to do, to solve the paradox, is to exist. And as we exist here, each time we choose love, we expand the universe. Love is life’s longing for itself. Despite the reality of what we live, even the darkest souls among us cannot help but to reach, to yearn, and move towards goodness and towards love. 

For love is the true nature of who we are. And when we experience horrible things, the question ‘why’ comes to mind because it is the central question of love, life, and of this world. The answer is ‘so that all things might continue to exist.’ 

Every soul chose to come here and to suffer because of love. Each soul loves the universe, loves life, and loves this world and ALL of the worlds. Each soul loves ALL of the people so immensely and intensely that they chose to come here so that all the universes may teem with beautiful, joyful LIFE. 

Every creature that I saw, acknowledges that your life gives them the gift of life. And when each soul goes ‘home’ after they die, they will know the rewards of their own gift, too. The ‘reward’ for their sacrifice will be joy, love, and feeling incredible, wonderful, beautiful joy at the LIFE and the LOVE everywhere in the universe. 

When you go home, you meet your own soul. You willingly came here to forget yourself. You willingly came here to save every beautiful and wonderful thing. By suffering what ‘god’ cannot, you give the gift of life.”

And that NDE account is my very favorite of all the hundreds that I’ve read and learned from. It, to me, solves a puzzle that I’ve yearned to solve and that I’ve searched and searched for. My mind is logical and mathematical and so even though we are told to stop our thinking mind to attain spiritual heights, I can’t help myself. Another favorite source, the Ra Material would seem to back it up.

This next piece is an excerpt from the Ra Material. It is one of my very favorites, in fact I have the quote about ‘the work of a moment being the axis upon which creation turns’, framed and sitting on my desk. One could interpret it with the NDE above in mind in a new and different way.

76.16 Questioner: Third density, then, it appears, is, compared to the rest of the densities, all of them, nothing but a uniquely short period of what we consider to be time and is then for the purpose of this choice.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct. The prelude to choice must encompass the laying of the foundation, the establishment of the illusion and the viability of that which can be made spiritually viable. The remainder of the densities is continuous refining of the choice. This also is greatly lengthened, as you would use the term. The choice is, as you put it, the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns.

78.21 Questioner: You stated previously that The Choice that is made in this density, third density, is the axis upon which the creation turns. Could you expand on your reason for making that statement?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a statement of the nature of creation as we speak to you.

If one could make a connection between this NDE and this small excerpt from the Law of One, it would give the Christ story a whole new meaning and amount of significance. We are all Christs… we have all come to Earth in sacrifice, to save the rest of the Universe’s souls and give them salvation.

And, next, also from the channelers at L/L Research, an even more convincing quote that backs up the NDE account up top:

Each of you is a gallant, gallant soul and we both envy you and honor you, for you do much that you do not know; even as you suffer, you heal worlds.” – Quo

But next is a counterargument, and I’m inclined to like it… much of the Seth material resonates (with me).

“If you believe… that all good must be balanced by evil, then you bind yourself into a system of reality that is highly limiting, and that contains within it the seeds of great torment.

In such a system, even good becomes suspect, because an equal evil is seen to follow it. The god-versus-devil, angels-versus-demons–the gulf between animals and angels–all of these distortions are impediments…

The intellect alone cannot understand what the intuitions. most certainly know. In trying to make sense in its terms of physical existence, the intellect has set up these opposing factors. The intellect says, “If there is good, there must be evil,” for it wants things explained in neat parcels. If there is an up, there must be a down. There must be balance. The inner self, however, realizes that in much larger terms, evil is simply ignorance, that “up” and “down” are neat terms applied to space which knows no such directions.

A strong belief in such opposing forces is highly detrimental, however, for it prevents an understanding of the facts–the facts of inner unity and of oneness, of interconnections and of cooperation. A belief, therefore, an obsessional belief in such opposing forcers, is perhaps the most detrimental element, not only after death but during any existence.”

And in yet another NDE, this statement was made by Jeffrey Welsh on the Jeff Mara podcast, and it was the words he heard God say to him: “Time will heal all wounds as eternity has promised, not for healing here on earth but in eternal heaven. Sorrows will turn into joy in the house of the Lord.” Certainly, that could be interpreted similarly.

But I also don’t believe that the entire creation can be simply explained. I think it is extremely complex. And there may be multiple realities and variations or dimensions and levels as new-agers teach. So, another idea is that the NDE story featured in this post is part of a reality. 

Finally, as a long time enthusiast of the TaoTeChing, we know the universal Yin Yang symbol from Taoism which represents the universal law of polarity, that evil/good, feminine/masculine, light/dark, birth/death, are a law of the universe and explain everything there is to know about the world and that with a broad enough view of everything together the sum of the parts is perfection. I have heard it said that the yin/yang explains everything.

Comments welcomed!

Take what resonates, leave the rest.




Jacqueline NDE on Jeff Mara Youtube. [] @29:40″. Jeff: “If there was some kind of message for humanity that could be gained from this, what would you give us? Jacqueline: “That we are all connected, that we are all connected by love. You don’t have to call it God. And its not a love that is particular to a person, its a love that is so overflowing that it can’t be contained. And that love comes from hope. Hope is why we exist. Hope that we can appreciate ultimately, the return through what we suffer, because I think that without these contrasts we wouldn’t be able to really say this is what love is and it might be that this sort of place is necessary for that love to exist as well


Christian Sundberg, on New Thinking Allowed Youtube channel, states that we are here to love and have joy and that makes the universe expand in love and joy through our human ability to integrate experiences. Our growth of being is our expansion of love and joy. As we process fear and fully experience being human, we participate in the expansion of creation and the expansion of love and joy.  [ @33″]

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