Tapping for Healing

Tapping EFT Points on Face

Do you have pain that won’t subside? Have you ever considered it might be related to negative energy, or negative emotions? According to Jack Canfield, tapping can release that negative energy and is incredibly useful as a healing and release tool. In this video, he clearly demonstrates his method which can be applied to releasing harbored energy blocks – such as fear or manifested as back pain.

Tapping is being widely used today by many practitioners of acupuncture and by a multitude of other energy healing facilitators. Tapping is referred to as EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

More on EFT from a psychiatry resident:

Here is how EFT works: I select a problem that causes me distress. I pick a recent loss and I name the emotion I feel (for me, sadness, as opposed to anger, anxiety, craving, etc.). I then summon up the feeling of sadness, focus on where it manifests in my body (the pit of my stomach), and rate my distress on a scale from one to 10 (it was 7/10 that day for me). Then I repeat, “Even though I have this sadness, I deeply love and accept myself” (I pause before I say this, thinking, “Do I really?”) — and I begin to tap in the nine points that Dr. T demonstrates for me, while repeating the reminder phrase “this sadness.” Adding to the quirkiness, I also follow Dr. T as he rolls his eyes in different directions, counts forwards and backwards, and hums a bar of a familiar song (for me, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”).

And this article is very helpful in explaining the entire process and the theory behind how EFT works:

By observing and keeping our focus on the problem/emotion, we are consciously activating he underlying energy disruption, which is internal conflict. In this way, the timing of the tapping coincides with the energy disruption to help restore the balanced energy flow and internal peace through the release of the stuck emotion. It is very fascinating to be able able to observe during the tapping, the changes the emotion/conflict undergoes as the energy block is released with the tapping process. This brings further clarity to the recognition that we are the observer of the problem/conflict and not under the control of the emotion. This is very empowering to our mind. […] As we begin clearing one issue with EFT, we find that other related emotions and/or issues unexpectedly show up. EFT can work like a dredger, pulling sand and muck from our river bed of past buried painful memories. As it begins clearing this emotional debris stuck in our rivers of energy, more debris is stirred up to the surface of our consciousness.

and from the same article, an explanation of how heart blocking energy patterns related to fear repeat themselves:

…our heart receives the information, uses the “writing on our walls” to interprets it and then sends it to the brain. The brain responds with emotion. Negative emotions are instructions to our heart to PROTECT. Since protection entails fear, the brain also releases appropriate chemical and/or hormones into the bloodstream to prepare the body for survival reactions such as fight, flight or freeze(playing dead). Once fear takes over, according to Keith Sherwood, in his book, Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing”, the fear “causes a person to contract on every level, it disrupts the energy system.” The heart receives these negative emotions and broadcasts them as waves of energy back out to the environment. Our negative emotional reactions/experiences further reinforce and attract more experiences that fit in with the distorted interpretation of our “writing on the wall”. This is how dysfunctional patterns of behavior and self-judgment get established, entrenched and reinforced deeply within.

In essence, EFT could work to release the heart and other body energy blocks that enable us to advance on our spiritual journeys.

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