This Helps us Understand “What is Consciousness?”

As we continue to see daily headlines of “credible” researchers publishing their latest perplexed thoughts and ideas trying to scientifically describe an answer to the question “What is Consciousness” that glaze one’s eyes over for the lack of information contained in the article, “experiencers” who are the ever growing number of people who have had a variety of modern experiences (explained in the video) know more accurately what the answer to this question is. 

Rey was an atheist until 2012 when his Catholic wife prayed for healing for their lame dog. This set up a number of contactee experiences, missing time, craft sighting with witnesses, and healing of the dog. It transformed Rey into a researcher and he and his associates are in high places with PhD’s from Harvard, Berkeley, and include Edgar Mitchell, the previous astronaut. 

This video is all about statistics of the various phenomenon that he says explains the fabric of reality, which we now refer to as “consciousness” and how the vast majority of experiences are very positive and can be ongoing and helpful towards making this world a better place both as compassionate humanitarians and ecologically, transforming our mundane existences.

It won’t be long until main stream media and science wake’s up and ends its love affair with materialism.

Additionally, if you noticed in the video above, Rey keeps referring to “Grant”. Here is a recent interview by Scott Colborn of Grant Cameron, who also has been a forefather of this idea over the last decades observing that all of these experiences together are “consciousness” experiences and often the same people tend to have multiple experiences of these types. (Grant’s interview starts at 38 minutes into this recording.)

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