Personal Observations Lately

Tower of old church Spanish Mission with sun at top.

Take what resonates and leave the rest. I’m saying that to myself as I write what currently resonates.

Lately, I’ve been plagued by what doesn’t make sense about our current understanding of why we are here. There are those who go so far as to say “Don’t go to the light, it’s a trick to get you back to reincarnate so your energies can be harvested by beings that feed off humans”. And there are those who say that the evil aliens were booted from this planet a few years ago and so we are ready for that new heaven and new earth once a solar storm comes here and raises our vibration through DNA activation. Fifteen years ago I would have dismissed these thoughts as pure lunacy, but I hear them echoed by so many voices these days, some voices quite credible in my opinion (John Peterson of the Arlington Institute with Gregg Braden), that I have been willing to research those ideas just a bit. So far I keep seeing that ideas get parroted and I can’t find the true source — who said it first? Who is so sure about these things and how can they be so sure? As I surf around the ‘net I find more and more “star seeds” and “secret space program” members who rattle off names and historical details about how humanity got to Earth and what ancient archeology tells us and what the different alien entities stand for and how shape shifting is meant to fool us. Sigh. In the end I conclude that the ideas being thrown at us right now are INFINITE.

But I have my own list of questions that haunt me as a seeker driven to learn more and solve the mysteries:

  1. Why do we have this veil of forgetting? If we are here to learn and grow and ascend, wouldn’t we be better off if we retained our infinite knowledge described to us by those who have NDE’s? Wouldn’t we be better off if we knew what lessons we are here to learn in this incarnation as pre-determined before we came back here? When past life regressions and NDE’s are able to yield physical and emotional healings, aren’t those ideals we should all be entitled to right here right now? Why have we been stripped of those capabilities?
  2. Can we opt out of coming back here or are we sent back against our will and why?
  3. If everything is happening at once and time is an illusion (perhaps in this simulation) then how can there be such a thing as reincarnation?
  4. If the life review shows us the emotional impact we had on other people, this makes no sense to me because I have no control over how an inadvertent action of mine might affect an overly sensitive person in ways I am not responsible for. To evolve as a soul, my impression is that one must transcend judgment and resistance. What the life review does seem to indicate, however, is that everything is being recorded, like that computer simulation theory.
  5. Why does reality seem so bizarre right now, given we seem to have a global coordination of news and suppressed news, and the mainstream continuation of scientific materialism even though there is so much evidence of things unmentionable and hidden from the sheeple? Such a level of global coordinated effort and control seems unfathomable to me.
  6. Why evil, and can it ever be overcome? What is the source of evil?
  7. If peace and love and light and service to others are our true nature and calling, why the unending Earth wars and selfish use of Earth’s resources to the point of destroying our water, our air, our soil, and biodiversity with loss of species?

What does resonate with me is what I have experienced personally, plus some “knowings” that feel right.

  1. There is some “magic” available to us in the ways of manifesting, and energy healing and transformative experiences but they are somewhat random and unpredictable. I continue to hone in on these but am reminded that just when you think you have things figured out, things turn upside-down.
  2. For me, inner peace and keeping my own body healthy are my ideals which resonate. I work with heart-brain coherence as well, but I like the feeling of spacious inner peace. Unconditional love is the most powerful force we have available to us, but it must be accompanied by inner peace and calm. Ongoing work to clear our chakras and relax our muscles and still our minds is important.
  3. We must follow our desires and have goals. If I could be one thing I’m not, I wish I could be a healer of other’s physical ailments. This seems a great way to serve humanity. I also wish to have a prayer group since there is amplification in numbers.
  4. On my own personal journey I feel I’ve come full circle and am constantly being led back to Christ. This includes New Age channeled works which overwhelmingly seem to include Christ, which I find very interesting in itself. I’ve been shown that everything was actually there in the church services I attended in my upbringing and now I am able to see that clearly. By that I mean messages of peace and love and living a moral life and doing unto others as I’d like treated. This doesn’t mean I attend services like I did in my youth, but the negative views by the general public about church are coming from an approach that only seeks to point out the negatives and ignores the positives.
  5. My greatest moments in life are those gifts from the Universe in which I have been shown that which transcends “scientific materialism” and also remarkable synchronicities. I’ve come to expect certain reminders which, I believe, become more frequent as we try to cleanse and purify our mortal lives. One example of this for me, is seeing numbers that repeat almost daily, and, experiencing almost daily synchronicities.
  6. Keeping it positive, being joyful, and being friendly and kind and considerate of people are my ideals. Live in the now, and be in the flow. I think devotion is important, too. I like guided meditations and time in Nature and yoga and uplifting music and chants.
  7. My most powerful meditation that I’ve come up with of late takes very little time in 3 steps: breathe in the breath of God; my heart is the ocean; I have inner peace. This can be done multiple times per day.

So much for my ramblings on this April 2023 day. Blessings and peace to all.

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