Consciousness and Ufology

If you haven’t caught the drift of the consciousness-UFO, UAP, or extraterrestrial connection, you need to get up to speed on this subject. According to Dr. Steven Greer, it is time for this knowledge to be broadcast widely, tapped into, and used to help evolve humanity towards peace in oneness and a solution to our pollution and energy problems. 

In this interview with Michael Sandler of Inspire Nation, who has 185,000 subscribers, Sandler ends by saying it is his best interview ever on consciousness. 

Much is covered in this talk. In sum, Dr. Greer does not want to see a formal government disclosure project which instills fear because the consciousness connection with extraterrestrail life is actually transformative, loving, and healing. Greer has created a phone App to guide you through the steps necessary to make contact. More and more groups are gathering to share the experience as well.

Note that many differ with this opinion, differentiating between types of aliens which cause harm versus those which are benevolent and help us.

A second leading thinker and spokesperson on the subject of consciousness and Ufology is the high energy Grant Cameron out of Winnipeg, Canada. In this recent presentation by Cameron, he goes through the John Podesta wiki leak files and notes references to suggest that the government knows and has known that this is a consciousness phenomenon. Sources include the Vatican, Barack Obama, and other high level officials. 

In sum, consciousness guides the crafts, consciousness is the way of communication between beings. Furthermore, there is an overlap whereby “experiencers” who describe inter-dimensional experiences include NDE’s, OBE’s, and other consciousness-related events in their lives.

This is not so difficult to grasp if you are of the John Wheeler mindset that consciousness is fundamental as the structure of the Universe.

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