Salvator Mundi Painting by da Vinci

Salvator Mundi Painting by Leonardo da Vinci

This amazing painting is by Leonardo da Vinci, titled ‘Salvator Mundi’, meaning (Christ) Saviour of the world. There is an NDE account at NDERF by Sheila S who described her meeting Christ on the other side this way:

Jesus was thin; He wasn’t fat, but He wasn’t skinny. He was perfect. He had His white robe on and He had a staff. His staff was tall too with a cradle on top of it. Above the cradle was a sphere that was about four inches in diameter. The sphere was hovering above the cradle about two or three inches and it was spinning. I remember thinking, ‘What is that? Let me have that.’

To read the rest of her experience go here.

The Salvator Mundi painting is the most expensive artwork ever sold. I ordered a replica of it from an online vendor and have it on my meditation wall (see photo below). It fascinates me.

My copy of Salvatori Mundi from Macy's online.

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