Meet Delores Cannon If You Haven’t Already

hypnosis chair

Delores Cannon’s wrote many books and started Ozark Mountain Publishing. She had been an opera singer in an earlier phase of her life and had a small part in a movie. She was a remarkable trail blazer who has influenced many of today’s well known spiritual seekers.

She was a healer. She documented her findings as a journalist.  She had an insatiable curiosity and called herself a researcher. She was tireless, traveling the globe speaking to groups around the world well into her final years of life. The video gives you a glimpse into her travel schedule.

She refined a method of hypnosis that reached the deep supraconscious for information. Many learned this method of past life regression from her.

Her passing was a great loss to this world. She just may be the most important person you never heard of.

The following video shows what an amazing person she was – tireless, with an unrelenting curiosity about life, an inner drive that surpasses many, and a groundbreaker in finding out more about how the metaphysical world works in her own unique way. 

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