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I’ve never done this before while blogging “One Seeker’s Story”, but lately I just can’t keep up with promoting the great podcasts and interviews I’ve listened to. In this post I will compose a medley of these recent greats and I wish any reader here could have enough time to listen to them, too. I often feel like I’m led in my listening. I ask a question and I get the answer. Synchronicities abound. And remember one of my guiding principles, “The more you open your mind, the more you will find that you need to open it further.”

But before I start that list, I have to say that things just aren’t feeling right to me, and they haven’t been for a few years now. Like Eric Weinstein just said in his amazing Joe Rogan interview, “I feel like the only sane person in an insane world.” What is driving this? What evil force is behind the deceit, the hiding of the truth, the effort to take away from us our human potential which is God-like? I ask myself these questions every single day. And when I listen to some of these people I will refer you to below, they are asking the same questions. And I keep hearing of the Galactic Federation or the Secret Space Program and ideas like that which a few years ago I shied away from but the more I see the more I wonder. There are some people that I admire and respect who seem to consider these kinds of possibilities, too. I’m not saying that’s my conclusion, I’m just saying things have gotten so bizarre as to feel impossible without something very strange going on behind the scenes. We must keep an open mind and cannot accept the fear driven agendas. We must keep our vibrational level high — heart open, love, peace, calm, joyful, and light filled. In sum, keep it positive and find the love in each moment.

What doesn’t feel right, you ask? Here’s my short list…

  • controlled media narratives
  • the whole pandemic scenario, how dumb do they think we are?
  • calling the truth conspiracy theories
  • the breakdown of society’s former unifying structures like marriage, family, and home ownership
  • shaming faith and spirituality
  • monetary systems breaking down and the threat of digital currencies controlling us by how we live our lives
  • lack of protection against inevitable future power outages and cyber attacks
  • enticing nuclear war, encouraging war
  • disallowing open debates and curiosity about the important subjects of our time
  • the continuously postponed “disclosure” by our government about UAP’s
  • dangerous technologies that threaten our humanity are growing in number
  • academics and others are shamed or ousted for their viewpoint when questioning the narrative
  • movements try to divide us instead of unite us
  • attempt to end meritocracy

Which recent interviews and online viewing do I wish to share?

  1. Aubrey Marcus interviews Dr. Robert Malone. If you wish to hear a “science” based critic of the vaccine, you won’t find a better listen than this interview. This is important. Note that I have been jabbed three times but it is unlikely I will do it again. I personally know three people who I believe have had serious side effects from it and my little world is fairly small. [Link on youtube]
  2. Dialogue between John L Petersen and Gregg Braden. This one really surprised me. I’ve listened to it more than once already. I might listen to it a third time. I am a Gregg Braden fan and attended a gathering of his last summer which was a great experience. He posts youtube talks almost daily. Once a month he does a spontaneous dialogue with his friend, John L Petersen of the Arlington Institute. What surprised me is that they seem to consider ideas of Loosh (a subject that has been reappearing here and there lately) and intergalactic interference with what’s going on here on our planet. These two have been exposed to many great thinkers who know more than I do. [Link on youtube]
  3. Joe Rogan and Eric Weinstein talk for 4 hours. This is a fantastic listen. Eric gets into UFO’s which is very interesting, given his unique background in approaching the subject. [Link on Spotify]
  4. Jeffrey Mishlove on New Thinking Allowed interview Erik Davis PhD. Erik just nails it in so many of his comments during this interesting interview. [Link to youtube]
  5. Dorothy Walters is interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gaspump. I read Dorothy’s obituary in my local paper very recently. This interview was mentioned in her obituary so I found it and listened to it and it is a delightful, humble person’s wise elderly viewpoint of spirituality. I wish I could have met her. She was 91 years old when she did this interview a couple years ago. [Link to youtube]
  6. If you wish to watch the two movies made by Corey Goode and David Wilcock who were formerly on Gaia TV, you can watch them both on Vudu and one is free with ads. There is much about UFOlogy and the Secret Space Program. Though you may not believe at least parts of what they present, there is a lot of interesting history, and serious food for thought. This ties in with #2 above. [Link to Above Majestic] & [Link to The Cosmic Secret]
  7. Another youtube channel that I’ve started to follow is SuspiciousObservers, about sun cycles and the coming Earth’s pole shift. He’s a doomer scientist. I choose not to be a doomer but following what is happening on the sun and with our planet seems worth my while. [Link to youtube channel]
  8. James Guilliland produced a few podcasts in a row which had excellent spiritual information in them, including answering listener questions: HERE & HERE & HERE.

Next, I’d like to put in a word for Twitter. Twitter’s been on fire lately. Since Musk bought it, there have been some nice improvements made, not to mention the twitter files which are being released over time (follow Matt Taibbi). I have always done Twitter “lists” but now they’ve allowed list TABS on top which are wonderful to use. Such a great feature! Follow your favorite people and find a new, great source of information that you won’t find in the controlled narratives. Musk recently tweeted that he found it scary that a recent poll revealed 26% of people still trust the media!

This blog is still quite new. I am gradually moving writing I had done elsewhere, to here. But in this early stage, I’m proud to say that I have reason to believe it has already been visited by Uri Geller! What a thrill.

About this escalating war that becomes more global by the day… pray and meditate for peace. There is power in our intention and vibration.

As for the balloons, they speak for themselves. America isn’t as safe as it once was and our government is too dysfunctional to protect us from invading and advancing technologies, nor does it share with us information that we are entitled to know and we fund and pay for.

Another thing… there is a tab above which lists by category some online guided meditations that I think are wonderful. Just this week, I’ve added up top a suggested 15-20 minute plan for each day of the week. I’m just sharing what I do which keeps evolving as I evolve spiritually. We are never finished in this process. If time, I add a 12 minute silent meditation later in the day to these wonderful guided meditations which I fit into my morning.

To conclude, I found this quote by Feynman and thought it sums up this blog nicely. I do it for myself (teach what I’ve learned) in hopes that others will benefit. And my goal is to simplify spirituality. Like anything, it is complex, but it can be simplified down to an essence.

If you cannot explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it. The best way to learn is to teach.

Prof. Feynman

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