Four Love and Compassion Guided Meditations from Gabriel Gonsalves

The following 10-minute youtube video is powerful, titled “Sending Heart Energy to Someone you Love”, a guided meditation with Gabriel Gonsalves. Anyone would be wise to incorporate it into their lives as a healing method for both sender and receiver. We are here to love and to be loved and this practice is nothing but that. As seekers, there is no more important work that we can do than the ongoing work of opening our hearts.

Gonsalves has many powerful guided meditations on his youtube channel. The second one I’ve chosen to feature in this post is titled “Healed by The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ”, 21-minutes.

This next one is his 20-minute guided meditation on compassion:

And, finally, his 20-minute guided “love” meditation:

Gabriel Gonsalves is a leader in the field of Heart Intelligence.

Gabriel Gonsalves

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