If This Is a Computer Simulation Then What?

zeros and ones computer code / simulation theory ?

There are some compelling reasons that this life might be akin to a computuer simulation. 

This talk by Gregg Braden is quite convincing:

And, of course, there’s Elon Musk on the subject, summed up well by VOX:

If we are in a simulation, does that change anything? 

It still suggests there is a higher being, or a creator.

It still suggests there are levels and we strive to better ourselves to move higher, up to the next level.

It still means we are here to create heaven on Earth, to solve problems, to utilize the “whole” “the Akash” to help solve them. 

It could help explain how everything is happening at once but our simulation is but a blip inside of which we experience the false reality of space-time.

It could help explain multi-dimensions and multi-dimensional experiences.

It means the reason we are here is to create new ideas and thoughts and art forms.

What about love and service and the golden rule?

What about NDE’s? Does this help explain why almost every NDE includes a barrier that they are not allowed to cross?

What about free will? Perhaps there is limited free will inside the program. If you believe that we pre-plan our lives and there is a huge flow chart of possibilities in this life to sort out our life purpose, do we pre-plan this life outside of the simulation and then enter the simulation for some greater purpose that helps on a higher level in some important way?

Does the program create us to have real permanent souls that are part of the higher creator beyond our simulation? Perhaps through our programable DNA?

Would this explain the many Kalpas that the Hindus spoke of? This world implodes and then a new one begins in an endless cycle of birth and rebirth?

It could help explain the perplexing question of why evil exists and the balance between good and evil.

It would be consistent with physicists quest for explaining the Universe by using math and equations. 

It certainly helps to explain spooky action at a distance and that everything is interconnected.

It could help explain why more and more physicists and other scientists are concluding that there is an intelligent design due to narrow parameters that exist.

Spiritual people agree that we are made up of energy, especially light. Consciousness? Love? 

If consciousness is the underlying reality  and consciousness creates, then consciousness must be the energy/light that all matter consists of. And, our consciousness creates, making this sim-game a set of Russian nesting dolls.

Can it explain the mystical experiences, the significant synchronicities?

Yet, from my seeking, it seems we have something special here in this flesh that is perhaps esteemed and sought after that has some higher purpose. Perhaps, the simulation model simply explains the structure of the Universe, the theory of everything, the mind of God, the way things work.



  1. Rizwan Virk, author of “The Simulation Hypothesis” and “The Simulated Multiverse”. Link to Mishlove interview #1. Link to Mishlove interview #2.
  2. Archaix youtube channel.

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