Gratitude is Love from Beckwith

matisse cut out doves in blue and white

Many years ago I gleaned from Oprah that when we go to bed at night we should always recount five things that we are grateful for from the day. That is a great practice. It is even better to have gratitude in each moment as the day unfolds. This is akin to keeping your heart open.

This talk by Rev. Michael Beckwith describes the power of gratitude in this 5-minute video. He shares some of his most powerful techniques, practices to help you move out of victimhood, give up blame, and learn how to take 100% responsibility for your own healing. He explains the many positive ways gratitude blesses life.

On my Neighborhood next door there was a recent post dissing my local grocery store as being so inadequately staffed and unhelpful and unstocked. Another person piped in that he knew an employee there and knew that the employees are working exceptionally long hours and putting up with terrible customer behavior to keep the store running. As you stand in line somewhere like the grocery store, give thanks for all of the workers who have done their job that day to make your own life so easy. All you have to do is drive and pick up your items. This is a constant message from the Dalai Lama, too, that many people have done work to allow you to live the lifestyle you are accustomed to. 

Heart opening is an ongoing project, if not struggle, for most of us, and according to Beckwith, gratitude is love, is the door to heart opening. Gratitude begets more to be thankful for, like a magical elixir.

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