Das Smith and Remote Viewers

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While we respect the view that siddhis aren’t so important, metaphysical subjects are enlightening by adding to the mystery of the way we experience the world. This blogger has an insatiable quest for information and learning, and an open mind, too. The key is not to become attached to any one thing, but to keep starting each moment and day afresh, renewed, involved. 

The best source of information that I know of about parapsychology, comes from the tireless Jeffrey Mishlove. The two videos below are about remote viewing and information obtained by today’s remote viewers. 

Daz Smith, from the UK, is supposedly one of the best remote viewers working today, and is perhaps eighty percent accurate in his five or more projects per week. Combine him with Mishlove and we have some mind stimulating ideas and gems.

In this next video, Mishlove is asked questions by the remote viewing team, including Daz Smith.

I particularly enjoyed Daz Smith’s experience remote viewing JFK’s after death account. Now, he only does “laser” targeted subjects. I noted that the way Daz Smith explained remote viewing – not as out of body travel, but as total universe expansion.  Daz says that whenever he thinks he’s mastered techniques or has figured out how things work he’s proven wrong and he’s turned on his head and so he has to go back to the drawing board. Mishlove says that is consistent with all of the philosophies or studies throughout time.

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