What is Artificial Enlightenment?

Buddha face is Light Filled

Artificial enlightenment is an effort to use modern technology to induce a state of enlightenment (a higher state of being).

To learn more, I suggest that you watch this video from the Guardian and featured by Aeon. Jay Sanguinetti and Shinzen Young are using ultrasound in effort to enable average people to experience enlightenment through brain stimulation without the lengthy dedicated work of meditation. The studies are being done at the University of Arizona. 

This story brings together an interest in science and physics and psychology with Japanese-Buddhist meditation knowledge. The idea is that it could be used therapeutically for anxiety and depression and other ills common in modern society. Perhaps the ultrasound releases a mental tension. 

 “I hope we know what we are doing.” The comments at the very end of the video heeding caution are good.

My comment is this: Without a doubt the future is headed this direction. Just as the “mindfulness” is now ubiquitous in headlines because stillness is known to have many benefits, so, too, we all desire to be enlightened.

Many people think that technology is out of control and can’t be stopped right now. Some say that the use of siddhis is undesirable or cautionary. Too often money is the driver.

In the past, consciousness advances, siddhis, and enlightened states have certainly been sought after and kept secret to advance the elites, in some situations, but now with the internet sharing such knowledge and spreading it by leaps and bounds, we face a modern world that is using science to hack this human potential.

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