Defining Compassion by Gregg Braden

the word "compassion" carved in stone bench

This is a wonderful talk by Gregg Braden explaining the true meaning of compassion. There are a set of stages. Compassion is the third stage which follows sympathy and empathy. 

This is a most important spiritual subject. 

Compassion is observing without judgment or attachment, then allowing a space for another outcome. In other words, a complete surrender and letting go, totally trusting the divine. It requires a humility and humbleness within.

This is where healing the body happens, this is where entering the quantum field happens. A heart-mind resonance is present which means that the heart is open to receive and radiate love while the ego-brain is subdued allowing for this resonance to occur.

The whole talk is good but the compassion segment specifically begins at 12 minutes. 

This second talk speaks of a similar state of being, referred to as Christ consciousness. 

When criticizing another person, that negative energy is reflected back to you, reinforcing the human condition of separation. By recognizing that this other person is doing the best that he can given his unique set of life circumstances, only then are we able to forgive and accept and see the divine in him and then enter into the state of unity consciousness, thus realizing our human spiritual potential. 

As in the first talk, this acceptance or forgiveness requires nonjudgment and nonattachment with a complete letting go.

In Braden’s talk/video (first video above) he speaks of the powerful gamma (.1 hertz) frequency. The emotions that get us towards the gamma frequency are care, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion.

This sound healing music below is the .1 hertz frequency which he advises using.

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