The Power of our Perceptions

A Dove Painting

  • If we perceive a situation as dangerous, or toxic, our power of projection will have negative impact. 
  • If we perceive any situation as a blessing, as a positive opportunity, we can transform it.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

Peace Pilgrim

If any human being or mystic has had the power to create a circumstance, then we all have that power.

By envisioning healing light energy into a food, a beverage, or a hurt, we can cast a positive environment for that thing. Thus, the tradition of blessing our food, or water prior to imbibing.

There is also power in our projections and intentions behind our thoughts and words. If we smile and say one thing but cast a negative energy and thought behind that expression, we can do harm and spread hurtful emotions. On the contrary we can take a negative situation in which we’ve been hurt or insulted, and by reflecting back a love or positive reaction, we can bring more peace and love into the world. As we hold a higher vibration, this becomes more and more self-evident.

Our perceptions are powerful and formative. The goal is to train ourselves to regularly transform negative situations in positive ones. By doing simple exercises which become habits, this can be done. One example, is to project an image of something/someone you love or admire over someone who is projecting negativism towards yourself.

We are our thoughts and actions. We want those thoughts and actions to be positive rather than negative. How we spend our minutes is how we spend our hours is how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. We choose to spend our minutes exercising positive thoughts from within to what is around us. 

By using our ability to project positive energy outwardly, over time, we can be a powerful, contributing force to change our world around us and to help create a better world for everyone. Inner peace begets outer peace and world peace. Keep it positive. Keep a smile in your heart. Live in joy, love, bliss, happiness, perseverance, gratitude, enthusiasm, and harmoniousness to maintain a higher vibrational field.

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