Roger Penrose and M.C. Escher

Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures : Roger Penrose – Eschermatics

Roger Penrose’s relationship with the artist M.C. Escher was not just one of mutual admiration. Roger’s thinking was consistently influenced by M.C. Escher, from the famous Penrose tiling to his groundbreaking work in cosmology. The respect was mutual, as was clear when Roger dropped in to see M.C. Escher at his home…

The above is an Oxford Mathematics lecture by Roger Penrose titled “Eschermatics”. Roger Penrose’s thinking was influenced by Escher’s art demonstrating infinity and multiple dimensional worlds co-existing and bending the brain. 

Reportedly, Penrose has an IQ of >160, and listening to his lectures on Youtube is fascinating, plus he has some mystical insights into defining and exploring the subject of consciousness. 

It seems that spiritually inquisitive minds love to explore what physicists are learning, that there is an overlap here that goes along with a wonder about the Nature of the Universe, the Nature of reality, exploring that which is unseen, trying to discover the mind of God. 

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