Yoga To Release Tension in Upper Back, Shoulder, and Neck

This post is a reminder of how important it is for us to have relaxed muscles if we pursue a spiritual life and practices. The first thing we should do when we sit to meditate is to drop the shoulders. 

If you tend to hold tension in your upper back and neck, then this yoga video by “Yoga With Adriene” can do wonders for your ability to release that tension so the “light can get in” during meditation. 

It is difficult if not impossible to do inner work without body work. Also, this exercise is ongoing. It is not a one time cure all. Incorporate it into your day until you become that fearless warrior. Having a relaxed body assists us in opening channels for energy to flow in and through. Tension, in contrast, creates energy blocks of stored emotions such as fear.

Here are additional exercises to release tight shoulders, neck, and back:

1. Several yoga moves for trapezius.

2. Upper back stretches in gentle yoga.

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