Jeffrey Mishlove’s Winning Writing BICS Contest 2021

Jeffrey Mishlove PhD

I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Mishlove and have been a long time subscriber to his youtube channel: “New Thinking Allowed“. Mishlove is remarkable in his knowledge and he is the kindest soul, too. He is the lone American Parapsychology PhD recipient, which of itself, is amazing. He wrote the book, “The PK Man – A True Story of Mind Over Matter”. He is an academic who investigates the mystical aspects of human existence, questioning what is consciousness and what is reality. 

Dr. Mishlove won the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies Essay award in late 2021 to a tune of a $500,000 cash prize. It is well deserved as it is a lengthy, quality writing, true to his high standards. His winning essay title is “Beyond the Brain – The Survival of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death”. 

I’m also a fan of Peter Fenwick, another winner of this year’s prize, and likewise, Jeffrey Long MD, who with his wife has kept a log of near death experiencer’s accounts for two decades. I find inspiration and insight by reading “exceptional NDE’s” experiences at Long’s NDERF website. 

As with Mishlove, and myself, and Fenwick, and numerous others, the mystical realm becomes convincing through some amazing encounter surrounding death. In Mishlove’s case it was a dream, in my case a shared death experience, and Fenwick did studies documenting phenomenon occurring at the time of the death transition. Americans need to pay more attention to death and be more interested in it.

Here is a PDF link to Mishlove’s award-winning writing.

Here is a link to access all of the winning entries on the subject of life after death from the Bigelow Institute..

Below, is Jeffrey Mishlove’s 15 minute acceptance speech at the Bigelow awards event. It took place on his 75th birthday. (He was also been busy interviewing other award winners while attending the event.) I love how he ends the talk by asking Elon Musk, Bezos, and all of the other techie billionaires to explore the inner world of consciousness instead of the outer world of space exploration. It was his day in the sun and he didn’t want to squander the opportunity to reach them. Well done, Jeffrey!

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