The NDE of Raymond Kinman

Snow Scene Light Tunnel

Today’s post features an interview by IANDS radio’s Lee Witting of Raymond Kinman about his near death experience. 

In it, he concludes with two very common messages brought back by experiencers. These two messages seem to be core truths because they are repeated so often in NDE accounts. 

The lessons are:

1. Raymond was shown how absolutely critical his life was to the unfolding of creation and that it was absolutely necessary for him to fulfill his life’s purpose. 

2. Your purpose is to love, it’s that simple. On the other side, everything is made out of love. Everything is an expression of God’s love.

Also, he felt awe struck at feeling that we all have the power and potential of God through the connection with all of the other infinite points of light. And, like others he has no fear of death after his experience.

This account is so inspiring. The next time you feel down, remind yourself of the lessons taught in this video. Life does indeed have a great purpose and meaning and we are here to live it well and with love. 

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