Do Crystals Have Power?

Most of my relatives and friends are materialists so I am careful what I say but I’m also OK with that because I believe our job here is to participate in the real world at the ground level first and foremost. Always remember that the fifth and final Zen master’s level is to come down from the mountaintop and exist in the real world.

That paragraph is a preview to this personal story. One day, a few years ago, I was dining with two long time (materialist) friends. One of them asked me if I thought that there was “anything to crystals”.

The best answer I could give her was one of personal experience. Know that I’m not that into crystals like some New Ager’s are, but I do have a few that I keep in my altar area. Next, my little story.

A few years ago I bought a one-inch pyramid quartz crystal from a local store. I’d seen a speaker about the Ra Material tout the amazing power of the the one-inch pyramid quart crystal and so my curiosity encouraged me. My sitting meditation time each day at that time was only about 15 minutes. After purchasing the crystal pyramid, I decided that I would hold the pyramid in the palm of my hand each time I did my sitting meditation. I didn’t notice anything at all until one day about three weeks into doing this, I went to brush my teeth one evening shortly after meditating. In the mirror, I saw that I had a sizable hemorrhage in the back of my left hand — the hand that held the crystal each time. This was way out of the ordinary as I never had a blood vessel burst in my hand before. So, I discontinued the practice of holding the crystal when I meditated.

If we look to science and technology, crystals are often used in electronics, watches, and even the atomic clocks, so they are indeed special. There is no equivalent material that will do their job.

“At the core of an atomic clock is a quartz crystal. Quartz crystals produce a very specific frequency pulse (similar to the swinging of a pendulum) when a voltage is applied to the crystal. The desired output frequency produced by the crystal depends on how the quartz is cut and manufactured.”

There are healers who use crystal wands and quartz crystals and there are Sedona-types who wear them around their necks. Crystals are trending in gift shops and even in high end galleries. Giant crystals are sold to put on home coffee tables or on display pedestals. One has to wonder what, in fact, they do in those spaces. And, there are cautions about crystal cleansing, and keeping the energy of a crystal positive. I’ve heard they should be cleansed once a month by putting them under a full moon overnight.

A few months ago, I attended a Gregg Braden conference in Florida, and purchased a small crystal from one of the venders. As life seems to flow nicely, that evening I listened to a youtube talk instructing the audience to use a crystal while meditating with the intention for human awakening and well wishes for peace, harmony, truth, wisdom, and love. This aligned with the theme of the conference. Ever since then, I include that little routine in my daily morning meditation time, using that crystal. With it, I envision all of the light workers and those using crystals to form a grid around the planet of high vibration and blessings sent out to the world. To my surprise, my yoga instructor recently ended her class with a very similar thought. Because I purchased the crystal at the Braden conference, a high energy gathering, I also attempt to bring the energy of the event along with the use of the crystal I purchased there. Any practice we do needs to have personal meaning, and that is my example.


Here is a physicist’s (Felix Flicker) talk about crystals, calling them magical: 

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