Gregg Braden Method for Heart Brain Channel Opening

As we live our lives, many of us have stored energies that block connections to our hearts. If we do a dedicated meditation practice of, perhaps, 30 minutes twice a day, the process of emptying will gradually release these blocks, or stored feelings. Spiritual power is enabled when we succeed in opening the heart, in allowing energy to flow through the heart, and in connecting the heart with the brain and the rest of the body’s energy centers (chakras). Infinite source energy becomes enabled to then flow through unimpeded.

In the video by Gregg Braden, below, he explains what he believes to be a very powerful, simple, short way to activate the heart’s power through connecting with it during this 3-minute meditation. The description of how to do this begins at 19 minutes.

He begins by saying we need to feel the feeling (four feelings are listed below), and how to do this has been described as a result of studies done at the Heart Math Institute. 

There are four key words for feeling, that must be understood prior to doing the exercise:

  • appreciation for anything or anyone
  • gratitude for anything or anyone
  • care
  • compassion

If you can feel one or a combination of any of these four things in your heart while you’re breathing as if your breath is coming from your heart, then you are setting up communication between the heart and brain. Try doing the exercise each day, and the stronger this connection becomes in your life.

Here are the steps:

  1. Touch heart center with hands lightly
  2. Breathe slowly (5 second inhale; 7 second exhale) from this heart center
  3. As you breathe this way, begin to feel any those 4 feelings (appreciation, gratitude, care, compassion). You might say, for example, “I am grateful to be right here, right now.”
  4. Do this for 3 minutes. Bodily benefits from doing this meditation regularly included improved immune response and decreasing stress hormones, conditions that last for up to 6 hours. 
  5. Do this twice a day (preferably).

According to Braden, this technique is the key to awakening the greatest potential in your life, to awakening the power of your life, the mystical. 

Note: Art by Agnes Pelton, photo credit myself.

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