William Bengston’s Scientific Healing Studies Are Fascinating

This is an impressive, thought provoking interview of healing researcher, William Bengston, by New Thinking Allowed’s Jeffrey Mishlove. Especially, later on into the interview (42 minutes+) when he gets into the subject of stored healing in sound, water, and cotton, we realize how important this research is and that if the results of his many decades of scientific studies can be scaled, we will live in a much different world with less suffering. No surprise that conventional physicians and powers that be are reluctant to embrace what is being developed in these cutting edge experiments, although those who desire to be healed certainly do. Bengston refers to himself as a skeptic. His willingness to try any approach while keeping an open mind and recording data using the scientific method credits his research success.

The ability to store healing in water brings to mind the work by Masaru Emoto, who concluded there is living consciousness in water. Catholicism and other churches use blessed water, or holy water for purification or healing. Qigong Master Chunyi Lin uses blessed, energized water for healing.

The subject of healing has been a focus of this blog many times previously, but this approach and the innovation described in this particular interview sheds new light on the fascinating subject. 

Additional information about his work can be found here

This is a LINK to his personal research website.

New Dimensions in Healing with William Bengston:

William Bengston, PhD, has recently completed twelve years as president of the Society for Scientific Exploration. 

He is author of The Energy Cure: Unravelling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing, Chasing the Cure: An Effective Alternative for Cancer and Other Diseases, and Hands-On Healing: A Training Course for the Energy Cure. 

He is a professor of sociology at St. Joseph’s University in New York. Here he describes his journey of five decades practicing and researching healing techniques. He has worked as a healer, partnering with numerous research laboratories – resulting in the publication of many, peer-reviewed, scientific papers. 

He notes that his method is especially effective with cancers. 

He also describes his efforts to expand the healing work through both scalability and storage capacity. 

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