Andrew Harvey’s Transformative Practice

This short video contains Andrew Harvey’s personal practice for transformative meditation.

A guided meditation leading us through adoration and peace to divine connection and joy through three simple practices to help you experience the birth of the divine human in yourself.

Andrew Harvey uses the beauty of his favorite music like Bach or Tina Turner to charge his whole being with adoration.

First, for 15 minutes, sit and just be calm. Your mind becomes the depths of who you really are.

Second, in the next 15 minutes repeat the name of the divine, your personal favorite divine name, or if you have none use the word “love” and repeat it. This name acts as a lens to focus on you and this is the key practice for our time. This is to really open your heart.

In the last 15 minutes get up and dance to your favorite music. Here, he prefers Tina Turner, flamenco, and Bach. This is to make you explode in passion and celebration and joy and adoration. Let this joy flood outwards to every person and plant and animal. With this energizing of the body, after the first two steps, over time, you will find that you are one body, mind, and soul — which is key to the divinization practice.

This is Andrew Harvey’s personal practice.

This blogger’s comment: I’ve often felt that adoration is the key missing ingredient that could take the meditator to the next higher level. The ingredients of joy and body energizing would amplify the other components like stillness, calm, and adoration. So I must conclude that this sounds like a perfect practice. A number of years ago I did something similar to this. I was so enamored with the songs of Snatam Kaur that I would play an albumn of hers after dinner each night and get up and dance a bit at the end. I do believe this was a somewhat magical time period in my life.

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