Computers as Gods?

From VICE: Mathematicians Are Studying Planet-Sized Quantum Computers With God-Like Powers; New research has exploded the space of problems that quantum computers can efficiently verify, simultaneously knocking down milestone problems in quantum physics and math.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:


The new result shows that even something like a run-of-the-mill laptop computer could quickly verify that a halting problem actually halts, however, by checking with two powerful quantum computers.


What allows this remarkable feat is quantum entanglement: each quantum computer contains subatomic particles that are entangled with particles in the other computer. When particles are said to be entangled, they seem to share information. 


The new result result “is some vast computational extension,” he said. “You [potentially] have a much stronger violation of some kind of Bell inequality,” meaning that quantum physics might be even more weird than was thought. Entanglement might be even stronger. And the computers that one day use quantum physics, verifying impossible problems over immeasurable distances, might seem to us more like gods.

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