The Highest Level Of Human Consciousness Evolution

Sacred Textbook with flowers

In the book, “God Speaks: The Theme of Creation and It’s Purpose”, Meher Baba lays out the seven stages of human consciousness evolution. 

These two quotes from the book describe the highest, or seventh stage. This stage is referred to elsewhere in a variety of spiritual writings as realization, Buddhahood, enlightenment, or nondualism, to name a few.

This Self-conscious human soul which is now Self-realized or God-realized, not only experiences infinite power, knowledge and bliss, but simultaneously radiates them. …

The God-realized man is the Almighty, plus knowledge and consciousness. He is in the perfect wakeful state. He is knowledge, knower and the known. He is love, lover and the beloved. He knows that he is in everyone and that everyone is in him. The God-realized man knows that he is the be-all and end-all of existence, and that he always was and will remain the same one, infinite Ocean of Truth. But the ordinary man does not know whence he came and whither he will go. 

–God Speaks, Meher Baba

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