Prayers Utilizing The Power Of Love

California Rose

In this post I wish to offer some prayer suggestions from the excellent New Thought book “Change your life through love” by Stella Terrill Mann. 

Always purify your thoughts, words, and deeds as much as possible. Always wipe your slate clean at the end of the day and with gratitude. Begin the new day with a new start and gratitude and positive affirmations or prayers.

If you have a health problem, when you wake up in the morning begin your day by saying “I believe in the power of the living God within me to heal me and make me whole. .. I now call on this power in faith and in love, asking it to heal me and make me perfectly whole. .. God, my Father, spirit of all love, all good, please make me well and whole.” Repeat throughout the day “I am being healed through the power of love and I am grateful that this is so.” Give thanks for today’s improvement.

This next paragraph is my personal favorite suggestion from this book. It follows the idea that we are not to interfere with another’s life, but wishing them well as described is a wonderful method of assisting them prayerfully. This might be especially useful in strained relationships, but it is also extremely useful for a parent with teens or adult children.

If you have a loved one you wish to have God help through love, say this prayer “God loves [x] and [x] loves God. God speaks to [x] and [x] listens. God directs and [x] follows. And I am grateful that this is so.” Imagine that loved one is kept within a circle of love all of the time.

At night before going to sleep, say “Tomorrow, when I wake I shall know just what to do all day long in order to work for God, myself, and my fellowmen. And I am grateful that this is so.”

In the morning when you awaken, pray “This is the day the Lord has made. It is a good day and I shall use it fully and well. Today I shall grow nearer to perfection, nearer to all good, nearer to God. And I am grateful that this is so.”

Frequently say, “I am changing my life through love.”

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