Chant the Jesus Prayer for Peace by Patrick Lenk

Jesus with Heart Painting

Everyone has their own style of prayer for peace right now as Russia is at war with the Ukraine. I’m seeing many of the spiritual channels on youtube doing prayer or meditation vigils to wish for peace and protection in this nation. We each have our own style and prayer has power especially in numbers it has a multiplier effect. Today, I thought I’d post a style that I find works well for me. I love the Jesus prayer ever since reading “The Way of the Pilgrim” a few years ago.

From Lenk’s youtube channel:

Please take a moment and pray for the Ukraine, Europe, the World and everybody involved in that war. Let’s pray for the support of the best future of humanity! Join the global light forces by prayer now! No matter who you are, your spirituality, background or religious affiliation. Send your prayers, energies and good thoughts to the Ukraine and Europe. Connect with your God, pray, meditate or focus your mind – whatever feels best and fitting for you. Let’s focus together for the best outcome.

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