Joseph Rodrigues Teaches Robert Collier Book

Florida Sunrise Jubilee

Today’s post features a talk by Joseph Rodrigues from his excellent Youtube Channel which has almost 350,000 followers. The channel features subjects surrounding the teachings of Neville Goddard (1905-1972) and other mystics who taught similarly, that “you are the creator”.

This half-hour presentation is about the book, “The Universal Secret of the Ages”, by Robert Collier. He focuses on a chapter from the book, “Kingdom of Heaven”. The message is that heaven is right here right now if we maintain the right mood. Our power is determined by our mood. Our mood influences the behaviors and actions of others. It is contagious. Creatives draw creativity through their mood. Someway, somehow we can tap into a flow state that eludes our five physical senses. 

“Through the world within, you can find the solution to every problem, the cause for every effect.” 

Your surroundings change as your own mood changes because our mood is mirrored, or reflected, back to us. 

“Life will be richer or poorer for the thoughts and deeds of today.”

Do we overthink and create stress in our lives? What does fear do our mood and how is it reflected back to us? When a person realizes his mind is part of universal mind, he or she loses all fear and worry, just taking each problem to the universal mind for solving. 

We need to let go of unnecessary personna. Are we being true to who we really are? Are we living a personna based on shame or negativity? We are as a drop of water in the ocean, being a small volume of the universal mind. Though we are only a small part of it, we have access to the same creative genius and to the same infinite knowledge. 

In that proportion that you believe your own mind is a part of the universal mind, that is the proportion of your ability to tap into it. 

We can release lower vibrational (or negative) thinking that doesn’t help us and creates rigid attachment. We then become more at ease with all situations. We feel more at one with a fluid reality. Our new light hearted mood becomes a habit. We see our experiences change as our mood changes. 

“Peace and plenty shall be everywhere.” We can help it along. Every person who adopts this mood mind set is helping with the cause. “The earth is laden with treasures yet undiscovered.”

It is recommend that we express ourselves creatively. Through our creativity, we can contribute. 

When disturbed, ask yourself, “What is the one thing I need to do now to change?” As we live our lives in this way, over time, we build momentum. We can transcend time and space to solve challenges if we make being in a positive mood our priority.

Rodrigues offers seven things he finds useful to change a negative mood into a positive one.

1. Do a 20 minute meditation

2. Listen to the right music

3. Take in the right information from reading books, watching the right videos or movies or news sources.

4. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t be distracted or reactive when doing something. Instead, be very deeply present.

5. Be involved in deep conversation that is light hearted and inspirational. With the right mood, we are in harmony, or flow, and feel a sense of oneness, of peace, and of ease. Our words just flow out of us. We develop a light hearted approach to ours and other’s behaviors.

6. Being in a positive environment. Take a walk in nature. Study a plant. Visit a tree. Lie on the grass. Visit an art museum. Pursue an interest or hobby. Spend time with the right people. 

7. Do physical exercise. Running, walking, hiking, biking, and sports activities all stimulate the endorphins.


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