Three Stages of Enlightenment Explained by Aaron Abke

3 Owls on Branch

Video: A New Way to Understand Enlightenment by Aaron Abke 

My favorite part of this video is 12″ to 15″ where he explains the three levels of enlightenment.

The 1st stage of enlightenment is Illumination, or the I AM state at the throat chakra level. At this stage, a person has peace and inner stillness and love for all things. The mind is being purified. 

The 2nd stage is Mastery, or the Flow State. This is the level of the third eye. In this state there is powerful intuition and the feeling that some great power has taken over.

The 3rd and final stage of enlightenment is at the crown chakra. This is the singularity, the channeling state. The person has become his/her higher self. This is the Christ or Buddha level. These individuals speak as if they’re gods. 

Aaron Abke’s source is the Ra Material. He further explains that in third density, the body only can only be inhabited by 2% of the higher self, whereas in fourth density, it can be inhabited by 10% of the higher self.

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