RJ Spina’s Healing Tips: Interview and Book

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One of my favorite subjects and interests is that of healing. The subject encompasses all aspects of spirituality. Expect more posts here on this subject and in a future post I will also list the books I recommend that cover healing. I’ve personally experienced one healing miracle (about 2 years ago) that any conventional health practitioner would tell you would not be possible.

I’m a fan of the Kevin Moore Show interviews, which is how I discovered RJ Spina. This interview is remarkable and terrific. What he says about healing, in my experience, is spot on. RJ is very articulate and intuitive.

From Kevin Moore’s youtube interview description of RJ: He has verifiably healed himself of permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness and life-threatening conditions through his own authentic transcendence. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique has already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels. RJ currently lives in San Diego, CA and has recently started his non-profit, Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness. He teaches revolutionary self-healing and selfrealization courses, performs energy healings and counsels’ people worldwide.

Here is the interview.

The interview impressed me enough to buy his book, “Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair”. If the subject of healing interests you, I recommend it.

Next, I’m leaving some bullet points about healing :

  • For serious healing effort, spend 45″ each day doing RJ’s focused muscle relaxation and peace.
  • For every ailment, picture in detail it’s opposite = strength and health
  • You must have very strong desire and intention for the healing
  • Have gratitude and incorporate humor and laughter into your life
  • Do not believe in an illness
  • Know that you are in command of your body and mind at a higher level, from your higher self
  • Have energy channels in the body clear and open. Crown chakra energy along with love from the heart and power from the solar plexus are key areas from which healing energy is gathered and concentrated. Palm chakra energy can also be used to focus energy over spots on the body.
  • Surrender, “Lord not my will but thine be done”
  • Never doubt that the healing you envision is possible. Never.
  • Use devotion. Eliminate ego.
  • Use the power of the word spoken aloud. (This was one of the most valuable insights that I personally derived from his book. Say aloud your intentions, your commands.)
  • Use the breath to relax and calm.
  • Have no healing expectations. All paths are different. Some are fast, some are slow. Just trust that the process is in place and progress is being made. There may be pain involved in the healing process, so embrace that as well.
  • Be the witness, the observer. This allows you to live in the now, and retain your energy without giving it away in many different directions.
  • It’s when you dissolve in meditation that the healing avenue is most available.

In addition to what RJ wrote, I like having a Qigong practice for energy work, and for detailed focused intentions, I suggest keeping a vision board, too. Keep a detailed visualization-picture of yourself, your health, your life — three years from now, five years from now, ten years from now.  

RJ has some interesting comments at the end of the book about diet and body responses to dieting. He confirmed some suspicions I’ve had about diet when living in higher vibrational levels.

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