Audio of ‘Secret of Light’ Book by Walter Russell

northern lights, secret of light

This is a public domain recording of the book, “Secret of Light” by Walter Russell. 

Amazon’s description of this book: “This book explains the nature of Light and proves the existence of God by methods and standards acceptable to science and religion alike. It lays a spiritual foundation under the material one of science; one upon which the current New Age movement is built.”

In one of Russell’s essays, published in 1944, he said “Man’s purpose in this New Age is to acquire more and more knowledge …” He predicted a giant leap in consciousness of humans and an understanding of oneness. 

Russell died on his 92nd birthday in 1963. Reporting his death, Walter Cronkite referred to him as “… the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.”


Quotes and videos and books and life story of Walter Russell here.

List of his books here.

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