Resistance is Self-Sabotage

Colorado Waterfall

Don’t resist the things that you don’t want! This is a form of self-sabotage. Transform your life by accepting whatever life offers you, gracefully and peacefully. Have gratitude for what the Universe sends your way for your new growth opportunity. Give your thoughts, emotions, and energy of focus on that which you do want instead of dwelling or ruminating upon that which you judge to be negative. This is so simple and yet powerful. 

Always remember:

Where your energy flows, your reality goes


Where your attention goes, energy flows

And always remember that it goes both ways – towards that which you label either negative or positive. 

Even more simply, to summarize:

Go with the flow.
Judgment is another form of resistance, or another word for resistance. When we judge another person, or event, or political party, or happening of any kind, we are trying to judge ourselves or control something without having the broad picture. When we give up judgment we finally can find inner peace. Resistance makes you unhappy. Acceptance enables you to live a happy, peaceful life.

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