Healing Abilities of Native American Shamans

Stone bowl carved by Native Americans Western U.S.

The three interviews featured in this post are on the subject of Native American Shamanism, and their remarkable healing stories. This is a culture currently fading, so the interviews are historically important. Near death experiencers come back with miraculous cures and healings. Many energy healers and Reiki workers, Qigong masters, and gifted individuals have written books or offered their services, too, though traditional medicine and science often publicly discredits them. Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” and Richard Gordan’s “Quantum Touch” are two examples. Tulku Thondup is a Tibetan who has written great advice on healing. 

Native American Shamanism brings healing to a heightened level, however, as the stories are so astounding. 

Enjoy, and learn. 

The first two talks are interviews of William S. Lyon, PhD, an anthropologist and the author of “Encyclopedia of Native American Healing” and “Encyclopedia of Native American Shamanism”. He is interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, parapsychologist who produces “New Thinking Allowed”.

And, the second interview:

The third video is of Jeffrey Mishlove interviewing Stanley Krippner about Native American Medicine Man Rolling Thunder. 

Here he tells how he was introduced to Rolling Thunder by Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. That was the beginning of a friendship that lasted for twenty years. During their time together Rolling Thunder exhibited an uncanny ability to communicate with animals and even, it seemed, directly with nature. With help from the Grateful Dead, Rolling Thunder established a small growth center, called Meta Tantay, where he offered workshops on native American healing arts and on his philosophy. Krippner notes that Rolling Thunder felt close to Asian philosophies such as Taoism.

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