Short Daily Qigong Practice on Youtube

Persimmons painting.

Qigong was my chosen “Covid” project instead of learning a new language or whatever others were deciding to do during this period of too much isolation. There are many online resources that allow learning Qigong routines from videos quite possible today. I ended up using “Spring Forest Qigong” and did a daily half-hour practice for a full year. I found it to be very worthwhile and enjoyable, akin to standing meditation.

The Chinese found that, when adopting the ways of Western medicine, that their ancient practice of Qigong had healing qualities that sometimes succeeded when Western medicine failed. Cancers, for example. It has preventive qualities, as well. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by having a daily Qigong meditation practice. This post features two short video routines to pick from or to rotate. 

The benefits of Qigong are a form of preventive medicine, self-healing, and relaxation.

The theory is that Qigong balances the body’s energy or life energy, “qi” or “chi”. The practice combines movement, breathing, and meditation. The mind is kept calm and focused. The word “Gong” means practice, so combined – for short – Qigong means “energy practice” to balance life energy. 

In Daoism, it is practiced as a way to achieve longevity and spiritual enlightenment, as well as a closer connection with the natural world. As meditation, qigong is a means to still the mind and enter a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. Many practitioners find qigong, with its gentle focused movement, to be more accessible than seated meditation.

T’ai Chi is considered to be a form of Qigong.

A 7-minute routine:

And, next is another option, a 6-minute routine:

I will be posting more about Qigong in the future here on this website. Stay tuned.

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